Is your life working for you?  Are your days filled with satisfying and rewarding experiences?  Do you understand why you do and say the things you do?

My work with individuals focuses on uncovering the wounds from the past which are unconsciously interfering with the choices we make in the present.  It is by becoming aware of who we are and what triggers our present behavior that allows us to live an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

My areas of focus are divorce trauma, addiction, depression/anxiety. These areas are often interrelated. Is your divorce causing you to self medicate? Is your unhealthy coping mechanism of addiction an issue in your marriage? Are the divorce proceedings bringing on depression and anxiety? Is your inability to cope with reality pushing your partner away?

With the warm, safe and non-judgmental atmosphere that I provide, you can discover your authentic self and live life on life's terms. Life is not a dress rehearsal.  Let's get started!!!

I also work with couples and families.  As human beings, we are hard wired for connection.  We seek out loving, meaningful and satisfying relationships.  Why then does it seem so difficult to maintain a healthy connection?  Let me help you identify and replace the negative patterns that create distance between you and your partner, your child and the people who you desire to be close to.  Let's learn how to connect based on understanding, safety and love; to express your feelings without triggering conflict; stop casting blame and shame; actively listen and communicate effectively and come to resolutions quickly. 

Insurance accepted: Anthem Blue Cross & Cigna 


I received a Master of Arts in Psychology from Antioch University. Upon completion of the program, I spent numerous hours in the field of addiction helping individuals, couples and families heal from the ravages of substance abuse.  Over the years, I have used my experience with this severely challenged population to help repair and heal the lives of others.

My approach to therapy is to assess each client's unique and individual strengths and weaknesses.  I use different therapeutic modalities in my work as I believe that each person has different needs and that one needs to stay open to whatever approach is appropriate at any given moment in time.

I am passionate about my work and care deeply about helping others to find joy, love and laughter as they make their way through life's journey.  Join me in being the best you can be.